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Appebite to the rescue! It is an app that makes it super easy to find all kinds of shops that go the extra mile for providing you with safe, allergy friendly, organic, healthy and tasty bites wherever you go.



Yeah, really...

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  • "I went to Lisbon earlier this year and Appebite helped me to find a store for gluten-free food. It safed my surfing holidays!"

    –Johanna - Germany

  • "Holy shit! I didn't even know that there are so much lactose free awesomeness in Berlin."

    –Phil - Seattle

  • "Everytime I go on a business trip I find healthy eating options using Appebite in a new city, so I don't fart through all meetings the next day."

    –Mike - London

We got you covered

Don't worry if you are looking for restaurants, hotels or grocery stores, we got you covered. We specialize in organic, gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free food.

This shit is relevant

1 in 10 persons has special dietary requirements. Very common intolerances include lactose intolerance and problems with eating eggs or nuts. But there are also more serious illnesses such as celiac disease that requires a gluten-free diet.

Data galore

We have indexed 1000s of great businesses for you to find. Give it a shot abroad. Check if your favourite shops, restaurants and hotels are already in there. If not it is possible to add them with the app.

"We take the stress out of finding the right place to make your holidays just great."


Interactive map view to explore the area

Search for addresses to find quickly

Rate & add new Points of Interest

Amazing map clustering for perfect overview

Made with love in Cologne :-)

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